Today is a very different day. With so many people still in quarantine, we are watching one of the largest conferences in iGaming - SiGMA Asia  - online. The world has been online for many decades, so we should be used to it by now. Still, 2020 keeps bringing new challenges to the game.

We are now discovering the full potential of the internet, after the long-awaited conference was postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic, it seemed that we would have to wait a year at least to attend, yet it is happening remotely right now across the world as some of the most prominent figures in iGaming and Crypto turn up on  our screens during the three-day online conference.

It is, perhaps, the two factors mentioned above that have changed the attendance list this year. The event that is predominantly targeting the European market has now attracted an international crowd, with 11% of sign ups from Asia and another 14% from the rest of the world, bringing new rising markets, such as Africa and Latin America, into the spotlight. More than a third of the speakers and attendees are executives, meaning doing  business is faster and smoother than ever before.

The executives at DAOGroup are attending as well, knowing this event is a great opportunity to continue to expand our already-highly international client-base and keep our international team happy with clients from all over the world. Whilst Europe remains a leading market for iGaming, Asia is quickly rising, with a market of over 4 billion potential players. With this quickly-emerging sector in a constantly evolving world we are certain that the industry is changing for the better  in many different directions.

With the Philippine’s having emerged so quickly into the market, it feels like a natural step to analyse the potential successes and threats the country is facing as it moves onto the international stage. At the SIGMA Asia online conference this is one of the most discussed topics, with the developments watched by the whole industry.  Many speakers such as the CEO for KMI Gaming Keith McDonnel, the founder of Shade9 Allen Yan, and the director of Avalon Marketing, Saxon Saxforth discussing this when they met on the opening panel.

The Philippines emerged quickly onto the international scene as a key player, teaching a lesson that the iGaming community can use to its advantage. They had to adapt new and existing business models to provide crucial, and essential growth in an environment that bought challenges from other equally fast-moving competitors that are coming into the market at an aggressive pace.

Here at DAO, we are as happy to embrace this changing world today as when we started our decentralised projects with our mind set on the future of iGaming. Back then, it was evident that the industry was moving in various directions. Today, this change is becoming clearer, with a deeper focus on the online world which gives every company an opportunity to fully realise the potential of the fast-growing international community - giving us all a chance to take examples from the Asian market that used various techniques that fit customer demands, dealing with a future that has become our everyday life faster than expected.