DAOGroup is delighted to announce that the Beta version of DAOWallet has been successfully released and is ready for use.

The latest release of the DAOWallet includes the most popular functions and updates that users have come to expect for cryptocurrency wallets, namely:

  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Ability to export private keys;
  • Sponsorship transactions.

Furthermore, this release includes:

  • Multiple user interface improvements;
  • Multiple bug fixes.

All the users, that registered before the mainnet was launched, already have an account in DAOWallet. All new users registering in DAOWallet, will also gain an account in DAOBet.

The 2FA function is the world standard for security. DAOWallet will be including 2FA as part of its extensive security base and will ensure the user funds safety. Such an approach is vital to making DAOWallet the most secure crypto wallet on the market. 2FA authentication will ensure that the users’ funds are even better protected and will be providing an additional layer of security. 2FA is one of the key security measures in crypto wallets. We are aiming to be on the same page with top solutions in the industry, as well as provide functions that have never been implemented before. Given that we are about to release the full version later this year, we have to be sure that user protection is at its best.

Users will also have the ability to export their private keys to other applications. The given function will be granting users a new layer of convenience and will allow DAOWallet to become a unified and go-to solution in crypto-related operations.

The release allows users to start using the recently launched DAOBet blockchain and conduct transfer transactions free of charge.

One of the crucial features that have been added is the integration of sponsorship transactions inside the BET (DAOBet) ecosystem. They are intended for enhancing the user experience and helping DAOWallet customers freely transfer their BET Tokens. The sponsorship transactions are, in essence, transactions within the DAOBet network that are free for users, as the ecosystem will be covering the associated costs of all related transactions. Such an approach will be making the DAOBet ecosystem the only network that caters to its users like no other and allows them to focus on gaming.

The DAOWallet user interface is intended to be both convenient and user-friendly. By constantly updating the interface and heeding customer feedback, we are determined to make the DAOWallet interface convenient, aesthetically appealing and understandable for both novice and experienced users.

Bugs are an inevitable part of coding. The DAOWallet development team is constantly examining the code and eliminating bugs and improving the overall performance of the system to minimize troubleshooting and increase the convenience of users.

The launch of the Beta version has solidified the DAOWallet’s position as the undisputed best cryptocurrency wallet on the market with the highest possible security features and unparalleled convenience.

Our team is looking to the future with confidence and is already preparing the next release of the DAOWallet, which will include new features, making it possible for users to stack funds in a new chain and will introduce the possibility of voting. Stay tuned for more news and updates from DAOBet. Should you have any questions on this matter, you are always welcome to contact us in the Telegram group or have a look into DAOWallet FAQ.

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