The DAOBet mainnet was launched on the 27th of November 2019 by 21 leading block producers with eight more validators on standby.

Anticipation is a very special feeling that caresses one’s senses with promises of wonders and visions. The feeling is even more acute when the object of anticipation is an advanced technological solution that has taken so long to develop and promises to bring about revolutionary changes in an entire industry.

The launch of the DAOBet mainnet is a truly grand event for the entire iGaming society as the solutions being developed and incorporated into the DAOBet blockchain surpass any existing analogs. Apart from advanced technological modules that are propelling the blockchain’s operational capacities beyond the expectations of gamers, the creative functionality being built into the system made the DAOBet mainnet launch a great event that was highly anticipated by the developers.

In fact, DAOGroup developed the software for the DAOBet blockchain together with MixBytes, and saw it being launched by the validators on the network. MixBytes is a team of experienced researchers and developers providing high-tech blockchain-based solutions, smart contract audit and advisory.

DAOBet: How And Why

The DAOBet blockchain is not just another blockchain with some technical characteristics that can be construed as a be-all and end-all for anyone and everyone, but a highly specialized platform designed for iGaming. The term is not as popular as some others on the market, but the reason is solely the unavailability of a platform that would unfold its full potential.

DAOBet was built from the ground up specifically to unleash the power of iGaming by taking into account all of the technical requirements that would create an environment suitable for nurturing entirely new types of games. Game developers are the quintessence of the DAOBet platform’s aims, as they are granted a tool that erases the boundaries of imagination. And these are the tools that make that possible.

The former DAO.Casino team faced with a certain number of difficulties while working on the Ethereum blockchain, forcing the development to move on to its own and more tailored decentralized platform capable of catering to the needs of the iGaming industry.

The Ethereum blockchain had its many shortcomings, not the least of which was 15 transactions per second, which is simply unfit for supporting gambling applications or gaming software in a decentralized fashion with thousands of gamers playing simultaneously. The gluts that were formed during peak transaction times slowed the network even more, making playing games the way they can and should be played impossible.

Another important shortcoming of the Ethereum network were the costs that players were faced with when sending transactions and trying to transfer their winnings or converting them. Paying to have a gaming transaction pass faster is not what iGaming is about, nor is it a state of affairs that DAOBet was willing to tolerate.

The Tech Behind DAOBet

The DAOBet platform has its own laws and capabilities that extend well beyond the 3000 transactions per second and one-second deterministic benchmarks. Finality, or the immutability of a transaction, is built into the platform at the primal level to ensure uninterrupted operation. In essence, finality is the guarantee that a transaction will take place on the blockchain and it will never change once it is confirmed. Ironically, some blockchains do not even provide for finality due to the fact that they may exist in parallel with their forks, such as is the case with Bitcoin. Such a scenario is far from ideal in a gaming environment when one result of a transaction can be abandoned for another. This is not how gaming or gambling work.

Gaming is all about finality as results must be complete and immutable to be fair. And the faster a transaction can achieve finality, the faster games will be able to revolve and the more gamers will be able to receive positive experience. If finality takes a long time, then decentralized gaming loses all competitive advantages over traditional centralized solutions.

The DAOBet blockchain runs on the EOS blockchain basis, where finality is usually achieved in under 180 seconds. Still, EOS’s finality is not ideally suited for gaming, as we know it. RANDPA (based on GRANDPA, GHOST-based Recursive Ancestor Deriving Prefix Agreement) was chosen as the basis for improving the finality of blocks. The given approach allows DAOBet to achieve finality of one second for each block, which allows games and other applications to run faster than any other decentralized solution.

DAOBet is compatible with Signidice PRNG certified by GLI and can verify algorithm in smart contracts, providing game and casino developers an opportunity to receive an operations license easier. Signidice is provably fair PRNG that can be used in conjunction with blockchain. In case of dApps, Signidice PRNG can be used to broaden the gameplay with randomized unpredictable outcomes. For those used to lag times, limited calculation capacities and bound to single server processing powers, the idea of having games that are not scripted, but unfold around the gamer’s own thoughts seems far-fetched, but that is precisely what DAOBet aims to achieve.

The use of a cutting-edge blockchain with the supporting wallet and other software automatically means that costs are reduced and players will not have to pay for having transactions pass, unlike on the Ethereum blockchain. The lowered costs of operating on the DAOBet blockchain are a significant advantage that makes the network an attractive and cost-effective alternative for game developers and gamers alike.

In addition, the use of such blockchain is not enough to ensure stability and competitive advantages. That is why Signidice, the provably fair PRNG, is used in conjunction with blockchain the random number generator to provide full transparency. The PRNG used on the DAOBet blockchain is the only one that can be verified in the smart contract architecture and uses the blockchain to register keys and generate random numbers for making games run.

Speak Friend And Enter

The launch of the DAOBet mainnet makes the entire ecosystem and infrastructure available for anyone involved in the iGaming industry. That is why the DAOBet platform is delighted to welcome any projects willing to cooperate to develop their dApps on DAOBet.

Developers already operating on the EOS network are especially welcome to take advantage of the ease of operation and versatility of the DAOBet blockchain. The availability of a ready-made infrastructure allows the developers of applications on EOS to bypass the oftentimes unnecessarily difficult onboarding processes. The accessibility and ease of onboarding on DAOBet is ensured by the DAOWallet application, which serves as a single access point with 2FA for all users of the DAOBet platform, including players, developers and any other parties to the iGaming process.

The use of the DAOWallet negates the need for paying anything or incurring any costs that would have otherwise been associated with creating an account an additional wallet.

The DAOWallet

The DAOWallet is a special instrument within the DAOBet platform that acts as a wallet and login tool for anyone operating on the DAOBet blockchain.

As a core function, the wallet simplifies the onboarding process  makes the BET Token accessible to all users. The ease and accessibility of the DAOWallet allows its users to literally become token holders in two clicks. The wallet also allows its users to automatically have their ERC-20 tokens transferred to the DAOBet token format without any charges and without any hassles.

The wallet is also a powerful instrument that, apart from ensuring easy onboarding and access to the DAOBet platform, grants its users a set of powerful tools for operating on the crypto market. The DAOWallet includes all of the necessary tools users are used to seeing on the dashboards of analogous applications. Sponsorship transactions are another important feature of the DAOWallet, as they allow users to conduct transactions within the DAOBet ecosystem free of charge and enhance their experience. The DAOBet ecosystem will be covering the associated costs of all related transactions to make sure the players and users of DAOWallet do not have to incur any costs and can focus solely on playing and enjoying games.

Who Is This For?

The release of the DAOBet blockchain is an important event not just for the project, but for the entire industry, as well as its many stakeholders.

The main parties interested in the release of the blockchain from the practical side are the developers of applications on the blockchain, and token holders in need of a convenient and versatile medium for conducting their operations.

On the technical side, the release of the DAOBet mainnet is of great import for those truly versed in the technologies underlying blockchains and their operations. The release of the RANDPA is of great interest to a special layer of users that are better known as the “crypto-geeks”, but are, in fact, developers, programmers and technical specialists interested in the development of new and advanced cryptographic technologies.

Everyone and anyone who has ever engaged in gaming or has ever used an application in a decentralized environment, anyone who has already had a taste of the possibilities offered by blockchains. Centralized solutions are currently being left far behind in their processing and reliability characteristics, but available decentralized solutions are slaggy and are not fully suited for specialized purposes like gaming, because they were initially developed as multirole platforms.

The host of stakeholders in the gaming industry are the ones who care about the launch of a specialized platform for gaming. And the DAOBet mainnet launch is the highly anticipated event they are waiting for.

The gamers and users are the pillars, the backbone, the heart, and the soul of gaming or application, as without them there is no point in developing anything. By providing the convenient, fair and immutable platform with unmatched performance characteristics, DAOBet will be serving millions of people who value the art of entertainment and are willing to develop it.

The developers of games are the next lot and target of DAOBet as they are provided with a versatile and multifunctional platform that grants them the instruments they need to create the games of the next generation. Given the newfangled functionality that DAOBet introduced with the technical infrastructure that surpassed the competition in terms of performance characteristics, it is fair to say that the developers are able to shake off the tethers that had been keeping their imagination and development plans on a tight leash.

DAOBet operates on the native BET Token, which has a total initial supply of 167,270,821 BET. The tokens act as the main medium for all the operations on the platform and for all the roles: developers, operators, affiliates, and validators. And that means the token holders are also at stake. To make sure that the token holders remain interested in the unstoppable development and growth of DAOBet, the platform is going to hold a token swap (validators are getting ready to launch the token bridge soon) to allow users to transfer their new BET Tokens to the newly developed and specialized DAOWallet. Given that DAOBet transitioned from the Ethereum network to a EOS-compatible chain developed specifically for the iGaming industry, the users of the platform will be able to experience the full power of decentralized gaming thanks to the technical features of the new network.

And Here We Go

The DAOBet mainnet was launched, and with it, the dawn of a new era for gaming as a kind of entertainment is coming. The launch of the token bridge will be accompanied by the start of the token swap procedure, which will have a limited timeframe, which is TBD, and is thus an event that cannot be missed by anyone willing to take advantage of the BET Token’s capabilities and the opportunities of operation it offers on the DAOBet platform.

We Are The Champions

The launch of the DAOBet mainnet will be solving a slew of problems for the gaming industry by introducing the technical basis that had previously been deemed development of the not so distant future. The future of gaming has arrived as the finality, technical characteristics and transaction processing speeds of the DAOBet mainnet allow gamers and developers to experience entirely new forms of games on an unbiased, immutable and never-before-seen speedy basis.

The DAOBet platform is the first of its kind and is set to become a benchmark for any competition, and a hub of creation for developers, as well as a center for gamers.

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