DAOPlatform is an ecosystem of DAOBet blockchain smart-contracts and supporting services that enables conventional casinos to easily host blockchain games and accept cryptocurrencies with total control and minimal risks. DAOPlatform provides a turnkey solution for blockchain game developers to effortlessly publish their games and receive an automatically calculated rewards.

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Signidice RNG algorithm
Our GLI certified random is available to each game on the DAOPlatform out of the box.
Smart-contracts ecosystem
Casino and game developer contracts provide a streamlined and safe payment pipeline for every interaction. Game rolls, reward sharing, game listing, and graceful shutdowns are integrated natively.
Notification service
DAOPlatform provides free blockchain notification pub/sub daemon so centralized services won’t have to deploy their own blockchain nodes. This enables casinos and game studios to effortlessly receive important updates and events from the blockchain.
Javascript SDK
Enables easy migration of classical game frontends to blockchain logic and get listed on the DAOPlatform.
Game smart-contracts template library
Helps game developers with little to no smart-contract experience bootstrap their practical understanding and start testing
DAOWallet native integration
Acts like a gateway providing easy onboarding for new players with native KYC and support for deposit in cryptocurrencies as well as fiat purchases.
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First iGaming operator is already live on the DAOPlatform, trustbet.io is the first 100% on-chain casino.
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