Innovative Approach in iGaming

DAOGroup is a partnership comprised of DAOWallet, DAOPlatform and DAOGames, which are all standalone projects built on the shared DAOBet blockchain.

DAOWallet delivers a premium cryptocurrency-fiat gateway; DAOPlatform a decentralised iGaming platform; and DAOGames a suite of proprietary and select 3rd party provably fair gaming titles.

Together, DAOGroup partners are delivering the best in cryptocurrency and decentralised technology for forward-thinking online businesses around the globe.

Blockchain Revolution in the Gambling Industry

We provide innovative solutions in the Gambling 3.0 industry for game developers, affiliates, casino operators and bankrollers.

  • DAOBet


    ​​Scalable blockchain for iGaming and Apps with provably fair Signidice RNG and smart-contracts.

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  • DAOPlatform


    DAOBet-based B2B online casino turnkey solution with transactional transparency.

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  • DAOWallet


    Fast and secure payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and fiat.

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  • DAOGames


    Game publisher specializing in evaluation, marketing, and product development.

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